Thursday, March 31, 2016

BALC 2016 Final Blog Hop

It's here...finally! Time for the big reveal

My theme for BALC is Birds and Nests

I designed the following pieces, in five different colors and metals:
Earrings, ring, bracelet, choker, and long (convertible) necklace

It all began with the earrings, using one of my favorite B'Sue Boutique's findings. I colored them with Lumiere paints, and distressed them. The birds are also from B'Sue. I hand made the nests, and filled them with Spectra bead "eggs" in corresponding colors, with matching bird nest rings.

The next step was the bracelets with another B'Sue finding. I colored them with alcohol ink pens. Each centerpiece has similarly colored flowers, leaves, and green rim. The birds are in corresponding colors to the earrings. B'Sue's Spectra beads are wire wrapped and bead-capped to make up one strand of the bracelet. The other strand is chain in various metals. They are each adorned with a dangling bird's nest

The chokers proved to be much more challenging. I took the B'Sue scalloped blanks, etched them and colored them each to match the metal of the corresponding B'Sue book chain.
I used micro screws to attach the B'Sue hummingbird centerpieces, after I painted and distressed them. I tried to use the same components in each bracelet, varying the colors and metals. 

The long necklaces are convertible, in that a portion can be removed that will shorten the necklace and serve as a bracelet. B'Sue Boutique's luggage tag, my ALL time favorite finding, is the centerpiece. Each is a different metal (I had to double up on silver), and adorned with a ceramic rose, leaf, and B'Sue pinwheel flower with inset faux pearls. 

Convertible Necklaces

Finished Series

Here is the finished series, in all five metals:

Silver and Pinks

Copper and Spring colors

Gold and Blues

Brass and Fall colors

Black and Purples

Friday, February 26, 2016

BALC 022616 Blog Hop

Just a little glimpse of snippets from my BALC "Birds and Nests" line. I don't want to give too much away yet, but production is in full swing.

I have gone with five different color pallettes, with five pieces each, so far: short necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, and a long necklace. I'm still working on another earring design.

This has really been a fun, and challenging, experience, so far. I have always only done one-of-a-kind pieces in the past.

I can't wait to see what my fellow classmates are creating. I'm going to start hopping now.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog Hop #2 is tomorrow, so I thought I would get a head start and get my blogging "feet" wet again. These are what's left from my rosary inspired line, which I created a while ago. As a Christian, I especially love making these. Wearing a cross is a wonderful reminder of God's love and sacrifice for me.

I went through a Shabby Chic phase, as well. Beautiful pastels are so feminine and romantic.

And then we have the Equestrian line. Living near an area with lots of "horse" people, I had alot of interest in these pieces

Friday, January 29, 2016

I am so excited that today is the first blog hop for the BALC challenge through B'sue Boutiques. I have never been involved with anything like this before. It's a big stretch for me and I'm super excited about the challenge. We were asked to come up with a theme for our cohesive line of jewelry. Here are some photos of decor in my home to give you a hint of my theme.


Can you guess what it is?

Very good guess...Birds and Nests.

I have been fascinated with birds my whole life. Where we live now, right above a canyon, there are birds a plenty. As I get ready for work in the morning they are right outside my window in masses, devouring an entire feeder of food each day.
They totally delight me and my cats are quite intrigued by them, too.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Brenda Sue Lansdowne Jewelry Making Outside the Box

Diana Buynak Butterfly Emporium Ceramic Studio

Irene Hoffman, Heart's Dezire by Irene

Clare Wells Nemeth, Creative Magick

Mary Reckmeyer, Afrayed Not

Marcia Tuzzolino, Aurora Designs

Elizabeth Wilks, Wearable Art by Lizzie

Jeanette Rose Belmont, One Canvas At A Time

Lyn Joy Reeve, A Journey From Jewels To Jubilation

Belinda Reed-Ingle, Vogue Rocks

Beth Trubman, The Journey of Jewelry

Carole Carlson, Bead Sophisticate

Jann Tague, Clever Designs by Jann

Shari Gardner, SLG Jewelry Designs

Susan Bolton, Fern's Place

Chris Kemp, Noodle Pie Bracelets

Barbara Kelley, Angels' Keep

Susan Bowerman, Woodside Wireworks

Pamela Anger, Novegatti Designs

Joan Donovan, Hailey's Cottage

Alison Huie, Ally's Baubles

Sharon Palac, Sharon's Jewelry Garden

Erica Olmos, Beeb's Closet

Erin Whitacre, Shattered Time Jewelry

Fran Sitton, Sitton Up Front

Ginger Hammond, Lynn Leigh Designs

Paula Gaskill, Lovely LaylaBug Jewels

Mary Deis, The Rose Sword

Renee Webb Allen, Small Stuff Design

Valerie Tilghman, ArtJewelsandGifts

Chris Cravens, Vintage Cravens

Leslie Carver, Adorn Divine Designs

Donna Parry, JewelryDonna

Gina-Marie Hammer, Tangles, Twists and Treasures

Kelly Wymer, Winged Wisdom Enchantments

Friday, January 22, 2016

My cozy workspace

So today I thought I would give everyone a glimpse into my cozy little work space. My husband was sweet enough to allow me to take over about a third of our living room area,  which I have turned into a haven for creativity. I have a beautiful view of our canyon out back, and am constantly entertained by the many birds inhabiting our yard. I was blessed last year to have a dove build her nest in a planter directly outside my window, literally three feet away. It was amazing! 

My space is filled to the brim with containers, mostly from the thrift store, of beads, chain and anything else you could possibly imagine. I was lucky enough to find the large display case, complete with drawers and shelves underneath, at a local second hand store for $200. Greatest find ever! I even talked them into delivering it for free.
Here is a picture of Dovey.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

     37.  Kelly Wymer  Winged Wisdom Enchantments

  1. Brenda Sue Lansdowne Jewelry Making Outside the Box
  1. Diana Buynak - Butterfly Emporium Ceramic Studio
  1. Irene Hoffman - Heartsdezirebyirene
  1. Clare Wells Nemeth - Creative Magick
  1. Mary Reckmeyer - Afrayedknot
  1. Marcia Tuzzolino - Aurora Designs
  1. Elizabeth Wilks - Wearable Art by Lizzie
  1. Jeanette Rose Belmont - One Canvas at a time
  1. Lyn Joy Reeve - A Journey from Jewels to Jubilation
  1. Belinda Reed-Ingle - Vogue Rocks
  1. Beth Trubman - The Journey of Jewelry
  1. Carole Carlson - Beadsophisticate
  1. Jann Tague - Clever Designs by Jann
  1. Shari Gardner - SLG Jewelry Designs
  1. Susan Bolton - Fern’s Place
  1. Chris Kemp - NoodlePie Bracelets
  1. Barbara Kelley - Angels' Keep
  1. Susan Bowerman - Woodside WireWorks
  1. Pamela Anger - Novegatti Designs
  1. Joan Donovan - Hailey’s Cottage
23. Alison Huie - Ally’s Baubles
  1. Sharon Palac - Sharon’s Jewelry Garden
  1. Erica Olmos - Beeb's Closet
  1. Erin Whitacre - Shattered Time Jewelry
  1. Fran Sitton - Sitton Up Front
  1. Ginger Hammond - Lynn Leigh Designs
  1. Paula Gaskill - Lovely LaylaBug Jewels
  1. Mary Katherine - The Rose Sword
  1. Renee Webb Allen - Small Stuff Design
  1. Valerie Tilghman- ArtJewelsandGifts
  1. Chris Cravens Vintage Cravens
  1. Leslie Carver
  1. Donna Parry, JewelryDonna
  1. Gina-Marie Hammer - Tangles, Twists and Treasures
Only 9 more days until the B'sue Boutiques BALC blog hop. I'm super excited, and since this is my first blog hop, eager to see how it works and what everyone has to share.