Friday, January 22, 2016

My cozy workspace

So today I thought I would give everyone a glimpse into my cozy little work space. My husband was sweet enough to allow me to take over about a third of our living room area,  which I have turned into a haven for creativity. I have a beautiful view of our canyon out back, and am constantly entertained by the many birds inhabiting our yard. I was blessed last year to have a dove build her nest in a planter directly outside my window, literally three feet away. It was amazing! 

My space is filled to the brim with containers, mostly from the thrift store, of beads, chain and anything else you could possibly imagine. I was lucky enough to find the large display case, complete with drawers and shelves underneath, at a local second hand store for $200. Greatest find ever! I even talked them into delivering it for free.
Here is a picture of Dovey.

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